Steve’s Ford XR6 turbo runs a 9.35sec @ 157mph driven to and from the track. The car features a power up by Nizpro Turbocharging and still retains a ZF 6-speed auto transmission.

UPDATE 5/8/15

As a few of you have seen we have been working on a twin turbo setup for our customer Steve with his white FG for the last few months, this has been a great project for all of us at the shop which resulted in a new PB of [email protected] over the weekend. The car was driven to and from Heathcote park and made several passes through the day, This also moves Steve up to the number 1 spot on our top ten list and resets the ZF MPH record.
The car is still running the same engine from the mid 9 second passes we ran 18 months ago for initial testing and will step up to a billet crankshaft engine that is completed on the engine stand after another test session at the track.

We are testing a number of new products with this new setup also, 100mm race spec intercooler, Nizpro FG Inlet plenum and our new Billet planetary carrier in the zf transmission to name a few.

The engine bay is not fully finished and final painting of boost pipes and so on will be completed when the engines are swapped out.

Basic car details, Full weight FG XR6 Turbo, Twin BW EFR 7163 turbos, IRS rear end, Stage 3 Nizpro ZF 6hp26, Circle D Converter and E85 pump fuel.

Car Profile: 2009 Ford FG XR6 Turbo

It was early in 2011 when Steve was recommend to Nizpro Turbocharging from an existing customer, he originally came to rectify what he believed to be a poor tune. The car was surging at light loads, after a quick road test we diagnosed that it was the transmission, up and down shifting causing what felt like an engine surge. Once back at Nizpro it was quickly found that the transmission oil cooler had failed causing what is commonly known as a “milkshaked” transmission.

From this point, steps were taken to replace the ZF 6-speed transmission and oil cooler with new standard units. Steve also asked for a retune along with a Nizpro Stage 2 Cobra Kit upgrade consisting of Nizpro FG intercooler upgrade, our Nizpro 102mm (4in) dual cat exhaust system and hi flow injectors. Shortly after, Steve hit the track and recorded a blistering 11.29 @123 mph second pass on 98 PULP.

Steve was hooked and wanting more, however still wanted to retain the GT 76-82 turbocharger and the response that goes with it. We recommended our E85 fuel upgrade as an inexpensive power upgrade along with further improving response.

Back to the track he recorded an 11.01 @ 127 mph, Steve’s FG now held the Australian record for the fastest stock turbo FG XR6 Turbo.

Twelve months had passed and by early 2012, eleven flat was just too close to a ten second pass for Steve to resist, we fitted a New Garrett GTX 35-82R.. Within a month Steve’s FG was now holding a low ten second time card and a Stock transmission that was now suffering.

We were also at power levels that were approaching the stock engine limits. The engine was removed and stripped, Steve received our standard Nizpro Level 2 Engine Upgrade that normally consists of FG F6 short engine with billet conrods, Nizpro oil pump gears, Nizpro head gasket, Nizpro valve springs and ARP bolts. Along with some extra machine work and tricks.. However he wanted to keep the original engine number so in this case we kept his block and crank. This is the Nizpro Level 1 spec engine and rated at 500 rwkws.

The decision was also made to upgrade the ZF Transmission. We decided our Nizpro Level 2 upgrade would be the perfect fit and still give room for quicker times latter down the track (no pun intended!). With the Level two ZF installed a nine second passed followed, making this the first FG ever to run a 9 second pass with a 6HP26 ZF. However there was in-house rivalry, between Christian’s BF F6 R-spec and Steve wanting to be the fastest ZF car outright and at this point Christian with a brilliant super relaxed pass had Steve pegged. A number of meetings passed, before Steve took the title and a 9.7 @ 144 mph was recorded.

Over the next twelve months refining really took place, new 1200 hp axles were fitted and Steve was kind enough to allow us to run many passes while we refined the ZF Transmission. We had easily proven just how good the ZF was for handling power with ~50 plus passes under its belt, but Dave like a dog with a bone wanted to refine changes while keeping reliability. The FG was now absolutely bullet proof and had earned a growing reputation as one mighty tough street car. Of course this left a number of people wanting to take the record from him.

Mid 2013 arrived and so did the Borg Warner EFR Turbo range. On paper they looked spectacular, massively wide compressor maps, Gama Ti light weight turbine wheels and dual roller bearings. We had now got to the end of the GTX flow rates so the call to Steve was made and the decision to replace the Garrett for the smallest large frame BW EFR was made. On it went. Holly crap, they certainly looked good on paper but the result was the best thing I had seen 17 years of turbochargers. We now had a car with 20 rwkws more than the GTX 35-82r but with better response than the original 76-82. On the street it was simple uncompromising, 6th gear 1300 rpm it accelerated like a train. BOOST out of the hole, with two broken Level two tail shafts in three passes. Enter the Nizpro Level 3 tail shaft upgrade.

By now Simon at XFT using all Nizpro bolt on’s and a large one off Precision had the FG record, but not by much. Being fully aware that we only had 20 rwkws more that the GTX at the top end, we all knew we were not a certainty to gain the title back. Enter the larger BW EFR. With Steve insisting after we ran he wanted the original BW refitted.

BW EFR 91-80 fitted and back on the dyno, power numbers were very impressive, by this time Steve and the Nizpro crew had formed very good friendships and part of the in house joke was never to tell Steve what the power number the car was making, this still continues and shits Steve no end. The amazing part was we now had 100 rwkws more than the GTX but with the same bottom end response. All in a bolt on internally waste gated turbo.

It was December 2013, The Nizpro team had been away for a couple of days water skiing for an end off year break up, Steve rang while we were on our way home stating the weather looked good and Calder Park was having the last meeting of the year and what were the chances of heading down to have a crack. We all arrived back at Nizpro HQ, unloaded the boat and luggage, Steve arrived, Dave and Blake loaded the Vito up with drag tires and the jack and head out.

Two hours later Dave rang me, said you won’t guess what it just ran, I thought, nine sixty, “nope. 9.46 @ 147.89.” The trap speed shows the hp increase we had made and the time reflected the response of the new Borg Warner Turbo. With a number of nine fifty passes under its belt and trap speeds over 148 mph, Steve’s FG, is arguable the most refined version in the country, perfect road manner and bullet proof reliability. With further plans on the drawing board to make more power, a broader power curve and a unique set up just waiting for the green light to go ahead. This clearly demonstrates the need to source the best components at the very start of the project, just in case your goals change along the way.

Steve’s FG started out as a Nizpro Stage 2 Cobra Kit Upgrade and ended up as a record breaker, only by adding components along the way and not replacing existing bolt on’s.


Nizpro Stage 3 option two upgrade

  • X3 flash tuner
  • Nizpro custom tuning
  • Nizpro Hi flow intercooler kit
  • Nizpro Hi flow 102mm dual cat exhaust system
  • Nizpro Hi flow fuel injectors
  • Nizpro/ BW-EFR OPTION 2
  • Nizpro battery relocation kit’
  • Nizpro cold air intake system
  • Nizpro surge tank and hi volume pump
  • 6.5 Litres Mobil 1 engine oil
  • Genuine Ford oil Filter

Nizpro ZF Level 2 transmission upgrade

Steve’s Transmission receives all Nizpro Level two Transmission upgrades including our famous Level two military grade billet ZF Input Shaft, appropriate machining to accommodate the added friction and drive plates with new piston supports. It is individually clearanced for correct shift operation along with new bushes, seals, O- rings and filter and fully synthetic transmission fluid.

Once installed we recalibrate the Transmission Control Unit (TCU) for extra apply and clutch holding pressures, shorten full throttle up shift times while adjusting torque reduction strategies.

Nizpro Level  2+ engine upgrade

Starting with a new FG F6 short engine, it is stripped, sonic tested, Turbo Tuff connecting rods, Billet Nizpro oil gears and forged pistons were added to allow for the desired compression ratio along with Nizpro Head gasket and ARP head studs. The engine is blueprinted and reassembled.

Fuel system

  • 1300 cc ID fuel injectors
  • Twin Pierberg fuel pumps and anti surge tank

Nizpro Level 3 tail shaft upgrade

  • Suited for sub 1.5 sixty foot times
  • Nizpro Level two rear drive shaft upgrade
  • 1200 hp billet axles and wheel hubs

Wheels and tyres

  • Front: Weld Racing 15 x 4.5 with Hoosier 27 X 4.5 X 15 Front runner
  • Rear: 17 X 9 with Hoosier 28 x 10 inch slick