SCT X4 Tuner

There are so many options when it comes to ECU tuning, there are many aftermaket ECU’s available and if you are lucky there are now quite a few factory ECU’s that can be calibrated/tuned.

Whether you’re after a flash tune on your factory ECU or the calibration of an aftermarket ECU, Nizpro Turbocharging has you covered.

Can you tune any factory ECU?

Not always, but Nizpro Turbocharging are able to ODB2 flash, or if required, bench flash ECU’s for a huge list of vehicles. We can modify the tune in most modern Australian, European, Japanese and American vehicles.

Dyno Tuned

Every tune we do is tested on our Chassis Dyno and you will be provided with a before and after dyno graph showing the improvement in power and torque etc your car has made.

There are many ‘off the shelf’ tunes around that people are selling, these can be very dangerous. The issue is that you don’t know who created the tune, their experience and ability, and you don’t know what condition of the vehicle being tuned vs the vehicle the tune was created or tested on.

We also tune more than just cars!

We can tune boats, motor bikes and trucks also! Give us a call to discuss the options available for your vehicle today!

Recent Custom ECU Tunes

Custom ECU Tunes - Vehicle Listing

View more vehicles we have tuned. We've only recently started documenting this list, so it should grow pretty quickly!