Nizpro has been at the very forefront of 6HP26 ZF transmissions for 5 years, we are constantly asked about tuning course’s to allow the best performance from this fantastic transmission.

Let me guess?

  • You are continually having problem getting your ZF customers cars not wanting to select 4th gear at high power.
  • Have harsh shifts once the transmission has been rebuilt
  • Breaking standard input shafts
  • Breaking intermediate shafts
  • Aftermarket lock-up convertor programming issues.

This courses centres on how to make maximum ZF transmission reliability at high end power levels by using Herrod/SCT software.

Nizpro courses actually teach tuning. Not only are you learning how to tune, you are learning it from a company that has been at forefront of late model Ford Turbo Performance since 2002, check out the list below.

Nizpro records

  • First company running 9 second FG ZF 6 speed auto
  • First company running 9 second BF ZF F6 Turbo

Our courses not only show you the tuning side of these results but also the hardware needed, the drive line components that will fail and their heavy duty replacement parts.

Once you complete our course there will not be a single reason your workshop cannot repeat the above results, it’s just that simple.

This is the only training course that offers inside the development of Australia’s Fastest Street legal late model Fords Turbo’s, running ZF 6 speed transmissions.