UPDATE 7/7/15: Congratulations to Scott Dawes on running another PB over the weekend at wsid. After running [email protected] he backed it up with a great run of [email protected]
This moves him up to the number 7 spot on our top ten list. Watch the run on YouTube: https://youtu.be/7TVLJDhvm-Y

Congratulations to Scott on running a new personal best of 10.40sec @ 127.08mph in his black Ford FG F6 310 over the weekend.  This great achievement puts Scott on the Nizpro Top 10 in the very respectable 8th position.

This result again raises the bar on our top 10 entry level with 10th spot now holding still extremely fast 10.5sec!

Modifications include:

  • Nizpro Turbocharging Cobra Kit Intercooler
  • Nizpro Turbocharging S2 ZF rebuild
  • Nizpro Turbocharging battery relocation kit
  • Stock engine with upgraded valve springs
  • X-Force exhaust
  • Upgraded fuel injectors and surge tank
  • Turbo side air intake
  • MTA 750 Turbo

Photo courtesy of dragnews.com.au