Nizpro’s Cobra Kit intercoolers are second to none in the XR6T market. Whether you’re after a direct replacement that still maintains the standard Ford cross-over pipe and manifold, or wanting to invest in a Nizpro intake manifold, our intercooler remains the most efficient we have ever tested for the XR6T.


Construction is a bar and plate design with free flowing cast alloy end tanks. The position of the inlet and outlets are staggered for a far more efficient path for internal air-flow giving greater cooling.

Custom Setups

Nizpro can also design and supply custom intercoolers for any car, boat, lawn mower or other application you can think of. Contact us to discuss what you’d like to achieve and we will help you get there.

Nizpro Cobra Kit Intercooler Info

The Stage 1 system comes with 63mm stainless steel piping and does away with the dreaded under battery pipe. The kit comes with every part needed for a seamless fit-up. Comprising of high quality silicon hose joiners and stainless steel bolt style hose clamps.

The Stage 2 system uses the same intercooler as the Stage 1 so is easily upgraded when upgrading to our intake plenum system. It is available in two versions. The standard version allows connecting up to the Ford standard hot side pipe.

If chasing numbers in the 450 rwkW plus range you can order what is known in-house as the BIG BIG cooler. Still using the same core, this until has a larger alloy cast end tank that takes a 63mm inside diameter hot side pipe. This pipe is available when purchasing the BIG BIG cooler and is a rubber/kevlar replacement of the factory turbo pipe, but bigger.

Our Nizpro intercoolers come in a choice of silver, black or a polished finish (additional cost for polishing).

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