At Nizpro, we like a challenge. Not being satisfied with being the creator and owner of Australia’s first registered Turbocharged Territory, we went ahead and forged a series of power upgrades ranging from mild to wild.

From 305kW’s through to our 450kW combination, we have the performance you need to stand out from the crowd.

GT-T Stage 1

The standard Ford Territory is a great starting point due to Ford starting with the same engine specification as the F6 Typhoon and Tornado. With engine management recalibration and the removal of the factory exhaust restrictor your 245kW Turbo Territory will now have 305kW’s. This is one of the best power vs dollar upgrades on the performance car market.


GT-T Stage 1+

As above with the extra inclusion of Nizpro’s market leading front mount intercooler kit. This amazing intercooler lowers intake charge temperatures by up to 50 degrees C. This intercooler kit is also utilised when upgrading to GT-T S2 spec.


GT-T Stage 2

This performance upgrade features the heavily proven Nizpro Stage 2 Cobra Kit. With its new intake manifold and shortened air induction system, throttle response is greatly improved. This kit is the most complete upgrade for the Turbo Territory on the market.


GT-T Stage 2+

As above with the extra inclusion of Nizpro’s new exhaust system, created with a 100mm dump pipe manufactured so that it bolts directly to the turbine housing of the turbocharger. It is manufactured for free flow and better throttle response.

The catalytic converter is a high flow 125mm unit for durability and towing; keeping reliability at the front of our list of objectives. This couples to a dual 63mm stainless steel pipework and custom mufflers. At this point the fuel system is upgraded along with modifications to the turbocharger.


GT-T Stage 3

This kit is needed if you’re still looking at further upgrades and includes a fully blue-printed and balanced engine as used in the XR6T Cobra Stage 3. This kit is the stepping stone for the awesome 450kW GT-T S4.


GT-T Stage 4

Our 450kW GT-T S4 is a complete custom package. It features all of S3 but the power is upped to a jaw dropping 450kW’s.

Combined with our 20 inch wheel & tyre package with upgraded brakes, FPV instrument cluster, body kit with GT stripes and colour coding, you will not only will stand out from the crowd, you’ll have performance to match even high end BMW X5’s, Porsche Cayenne’s and ML63 AMG’s.

We will also have an optional leather trimmed interior which includes all seats (5 seater only) and the 4 door trims; all double stitched.


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*Power levels may vary between certain vehicles due to condition of factory parts outside the control of Nizpro’s Cobra Kits, etc.
**Guarantee is valid for cars with 50,000kms or less.