Euro 4 emission compliant – Street legal

Yes that’s correct, you can now own a 10 second 390 rear wheel kilowatt FG Falcon that meets current emissions laws. You won’t need to pull all your mods off when our friendly boys in blue decide to do a random pull over.

Who said that performance cars were a dying breed? It certainly looks from a Nizpro customer’s point of view the best it’s ever looked.

Note: Due to difference’s between the FG turbo range with Ford opting for a different turbo charger on the FPV turbo range compared to the XR6T and G6ET please read power upgraded figures carefully.

Also note that all power figures quoted are rear wheel kilowatt figures and are taken from our own in house chassis dyno. Power numbers will vary depending on the condition of the individual vehicle and dyno being used, they are to be used as a comparison between standard vehicles and our performance upgrades.

Standard power figures:

  • FG XR6 Turbo 218-220 rwkW
  • FG G6E Turbo 218-220 rwkW
  • FG FPV F6 310 245-255 rwkW
  • X-cal 3 Flash tuner
  • Nizpro custom dyno’d recalibration
  • 21% power increase XR6T and G6ET over std
  • 265 rwkW XR6T and G6ET
  • 280 rwkW FPV F6 310
  • Hi-flow fuel injectors XR6T and G6ET only
  • Stainless steel hot side turbo outlet pipe
  • Hi flow catalytic converter
  • 25% Power increase XR6T and G6ET over std
  • 275 rwkW XR6T and G6ET
  • 295 rwkW FPV F6 310
  • As above plus
  • Nizpro hi-flow complete intercooler and pipe kit
  • Intercooler kit tested to over 700 rwkW 1000 wheel horse power
  • Charge temperatures 25 to 30 degs C lower than standard at increase power levels
  • Intercooler pressure drop levels less than 0.5 psi at 350 rwkW
  • 36% Power increase XR6T and G6ET over std
  • 300 rwkW XR6T and G6ET
  • 330 rwkW FPV F6 310
  • 32% Power increase FPV F6 310 over std
  • As above plus
  • Nizpro 102mm stainless steel exhaust system
  • Dual 100mm cat design
  • Tested to 600 rwkW
  • Polished S/S
  • Dual 90mm perforated exhaust tips
  • Lowest backpressure of any Falcon turbo exhaust available
  • 44% Power increase XR6T and G6ET over std
  • 318 rwkW XR6T and G6ET
  • Hi-flow fuel injectors FPV F6 310 Only
  • 360 rwkW FPV F6 310
  • 43% rwkW FPV F6 310 over std
  • As above plus
  • Hi-flow turbo XR6T and G6ET
  • Hi-flow compressor cover and intake pipe FPV F6 310
  • Hi-flow port turbine housing and waste gate FPV F6 310
  • 63% Power increase XR6T and G6ET over std
  • 360 rwkW XR6T and G6ET
  • 385 rwkW FPV F6 310
  • 54% Power increase FPV F6 310 over std

With the Nizpro stage 3 kit fitted to your FPV F6 310 10 second quarter mile are within range still while maintain your vehicles original road manners and fuel economy, move over super cars.