Update: 13-05-2016 – An amazing achievement by everyone that has been involved in this project being the first to run into the 8s with a ZF transmission and also resetting our own FG F6 record along the way. Full weight, driven to and from the track, IRS , ZF 6hp26, radial Tyres, full exhaust, e85, circle d, genuine street car.
Congratulations Nem on running an [email protected] Lots of patience and perseverance have paid off with this great result.
Thanks to all that have been a part of this project along the way.

Update: 27-02-2016 – Congratulations on Nem for resetting the current FG turbo record and also the outright ZF 6spd record. [email protected] is getting ridiculously fast for a full weight street car on radials that’s driven too and from the track as raced. Great job by everyone involved.

Update: 24-10-2015 – A massive congratulations to nem on setting a new FG turbo and outright ZF record last night. [email protected] is flying. Driven to and from the track, pump E85, ZF 6hp26, radial tyre, full weight and IRS rear end, genuine street car. Great job by everyone involved.

Update: 25-08-2014Congratulations to Nem on running a new PB over the weekend, improving from his 9.98 to a [email protected] mph. A great 60ft time of 1.466 is also a good achievement. This time makes it the fastest radial tyred FG F6 in the land. True street car driven over 70km each way to and from the track. Great work!

Congratulations to Nem on running one of the fastest times on a genuine street tyre. Run in full street trim. [email protected] and backing up with a [email protected]